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GC969 PorcelainGC970 Light IvoryGC971 Classic IvoryGC972 NaturalGC973 Creamy BeigeGC974 NudeGC975 Medium BisqueGC976 Pure BeigeGC977 Warm SandGC978 Medium BeigeGC979 AlmondGC980 Cool TanGC981 ToastGC982 Warm HoneyGC983 FawnGC984 ToffeeGC985 EspressoGC986 ChestnutGC987 Beautiful BronzeGC988 Dark CocoaGC989 MahoganyGC990 Orange CorrectorGC991 Yellow CorrectorGC992 Green Corrector
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Available shades

GC969 Porcelain – For porcelain skin tones.
GC970 Light Ivory – For porcelain skin with yellow undertones.
GC971 Classic Ivory – For fair skin tones.
GC972 Natural – For fair skin with yellow undertones.
GC973 Creamy Beige – For fair skin with creamy undertones.
GC974 Nude – For fair skin with neutral undertones.
GC975 Medium Bisque – For fair to medium skin tones.
GC976 Pure Beige – For fair to medium skin with warm undertones.
GC977 Warm Sand – For fair to medium skin with warm yellow undertones.
GC978 Medium Beige – For medium skin with neutral undertones.
GC979 Almond – For medium skin with yellow undertones.
GC980 Cool Tan – For medium to tanned skin with yellow undertones.
GC981 Toast – For medium to tanned skin with deep warm undertones.
GC982 Warm Honey – For tanned skin with yellow undertones.
GC983 Fawn – For tanned to deep skin with yellow undertones.
GC984 Toffee – For tanned to deep skin with creamy undertones.
GC985 Espresso – For deep skin tones.
GC986 Chestnut – For deep skin with caramel undertones.
GC987 Beautiful Bronze – For deep skin with creamy undertones.
GC988 Dark Cocoa – For deep to dark skin tones.
GC989 Mahogany – For dark skin tones.
GC990 Orange Corrector – Perfect for covering under-eye circles.
GC991 Yellow Corrector – Perfect for covering discolouration and veins.
GC992 Green Corrector – Perfect for covering blemishes and imperfections.

Additional information

GC969 Porcelain, GC970 Light Ivory, GC971 Classic Ivory, GC972 Natural, GC973 Creamy Beige, GC974 Nude, GC975 Medium Bisque, GC976 Pure Beige, GC977 Warm Sand, GC978 Medium Beige, GC979 Almond, GC980 Cool Tan, GC981 Toast, GC982 Warm Honey, GC983 Fawn, GC984 Toffee, GC985 Espresso, GC986 Chestnut, GC987 Beautiful Bronze, GC988 Dark Cocoa, GC989 Mahogany, GC990 Orange Corrector, GC991 Yellow Corrector, GC992 Green Corrector

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