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Kojic acid was discovered in Japan, it is a by-product of koji and malted rice used in the production of rice wine. In cosmetics, kojic acid is known for its remarkable whitening effect and its antioxidant properties.


KOJIE SAN Soap contains Kojic Acid, a high quality natural ingredient that helps prevent melanin production, making the skin clearer and lighter.

KOJIE SAN Skin Brightening Soap is effective in reducing dark spots, freckles and acne, stretch marks, uneven skin tones and other skin problems.

Suitable for all skin types, the effective lightening soap Kojie San is a powerful pigmentation regulator which will act in depth on the melanocycles so that the skin regains its balance. Applied daily, it helps the epidermis to fight against brown spots and hyperpigmentation problems. to use it properly you must:

  • Use daily as a regular soap for the face and body.
  • Moisturize your skin carefully, as it can become dry with kojic acid.


    Pure Kojic Acid, Sweet Orange, VCO, Glycerin, Plant Extracts, Vitamin C

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